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“I LOVED it! I devoured Z. I tore through Theresa Anne Fowler’s novel as if it was going to disappear any moment. Having Zelda tell the story in her voice elevated this already amazing and smartly told story to an entirely larger-than-life level. I can’t wait to read it again!” —Jean from Bonita Springs, Florida

“The book certainly deserves as much buzz as it can get. I found it full of life and brimming with the excitement and tragic glory that characterized The Jazz Age.” —Mel from Ajo, Arizona

“Therese Fowler’s spin on Zelda’s life and her personal thoughts on her family, marriage, sexuality and gender are imaginative and fresh enough to keep even most ardent Zelda fan engrossed. A must read for anyone who loves the Jazz Age, Zelda or F. Scott or just a great book about a dynamic woman.” —Hazel from Brighton, Massachusetts

“I’ve just finished reading Therese Fowler’s Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and I’m very pleased and excited to say I thoroughly enjoyed the novel! The book is packed with the birth of modern America’s celebrity obsessions. Zelda would fit right in with today’s troubled celebs — the ceaseless parties, alcohol, and quest for press. Today, we watch the tabloid shows, waiting for the next meltdown, unable to ignore the inevitable disasters. In Z, the reader experiences this reckless celebrity firsthand. We see and feel the good, the bad, and the ugly (I’m talking about you, Hemingway!). It’s a tumultuous ride — one I’d recommend to all of my friends!” —Laura from Corvallis, Oregon

“Like Zelda Fitzgerald, I’m a native of Alabama. I met Scottie Fitzgerald while a student at the University of Alabama. Ms. Fowler presents a compelling and compassionate story of the woman who became the symbol of the Jazz Age. Once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop, even though I knew the tragic ending to Zelda’s story.” —Nancy from Columbia, South Carolina

“I actually devoured the book. Z is a must-read for anyone that loved The Paris Wife, the writings of Hemingway or, indeed and especially, the writings of Fitzgerald.  Zelda was surely a force to be reckoned with and so deserving of a spotlight of her own. I would love to see how she’d have thrived in contemporary times!” —Robin from New York, New York

“Absolutely loved the book, especially after having read The Paris Wife. Brought all the history together. Written so well. A pleasure to read. It will definitely be a crowd pleaser.” –Susan from North Venice, Florida

“Therese Anne Fowler’s Zelda springs to vivid life on the page, with all her complications and fierceness. Not only do we see how Zelda and Scott lived, but Fowler shows us the difficulties that a strong-willed, artistic, ambitious woman of that time faced. Z is definitely one of the most compelling novels of this year.”—Diane from New York, NY

“Being from Alabama, I have always been fascinated with the life of Zelda Fitzgerald and I could not wait to read Z. Fowler truly captured the firecracker personality of Zelda and the ups and downs of her life and love for Scott. A great read!”—Mary from Pinson, Alabama

“I love Zelda and how Fowler creates such a multi-faceted character. I can so sympathize with Zelda and see how I could easily fall into the whirlwind of celebrity and fantasy like she does. She almost reminds me of Marie Antoinette! This book is written so well, and is such a quick read.”—Amber from Naperville, Illinois

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald is a splendid fictional recounting of not only the romance of Zelda and Scott, but of the maturing of Zelda. Therese Fowler, in a masterful writing coup, allows the reader to feel Zelda grow from a girl who might have been just a sassy pretty face into a complex woman who possessed far more than beauty. Fans of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s writings will become instant fans of Z! But, so will anyone who wondered why some love stories don’t end ‘happily ever after’.”—Carrie from Augusta, Georgia

“Fowler’s novel is one wonderfully realized, pitch perfect read! And something I’ll be recommending to friends be they Zelda or Fitzgerald fans!”—Rachel from Brooklyn, New York

“In this engaging portrait of the life of Zelda Fitzgerald, Fowler manages to make the already fascinating life of a literary wife all the more compelling through. Ranging from funny to tragic to just down right addictive, Z took me by surprise and blew me away.”—Megan from Raleigh, North Carolina

“Beautiful Zelda! Z is the brilliant story of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald.  Zelda was a very clever and tenacious character and Scott seemed to be so tormented and rejected at many times through his life. So much passion in Therese Fowler’s writing. You will not be able to but this book down, the excitement builds through every page. I truly loved this book.” —Kathleen from Marietta, Georgia

“Even though I knew how this story would end, I could not put it down. Zelda’s voice told a compelling story of two flawed people who loved each other but were a fatal combination Zelda feels thwarted and wants to be a person in her own right — or maybe that should be writing. Their lives and the lives of their fictional characters seem interchangeable. Parties.  Jaunts abroad.  Epic fights.  Money or no money.  But the introduction of Ernest Hemingway seems to be the catalyst of the worst problems.  The reader can decide whether Zelda is a hedonist or a hoyden and whether Scott is a loving husband or a controlling, mentally abusive alcoholic. The characters certainly came alive on the pages. Team Zelda and Team Scott will each have ideas as to why.  Reading this book has caused me to pull out my Fitzgerald novels and biographies and begin rereading them.  Zelda’s voice got to me.” —Laurabelle from Fort Wayne, Indiana

“With sentences both lyrical and deft, the reader feels as though Zelda is sitting beside her on the sofa, chatting about the legend that is her life.  The stories of humor, pathos, and extremes are all held together by the strong ribbon of love that bound Scott and Zelda during their lifetimes, despite their many bad choices and a tragic end for them both.  Festive, sad, tragic and joyous, this book reflects well the pace of their lives.  It explores the wasted potential and amazing accomplishments, of both people, while allowing Zelda, at long last, her own voice.” —Chandler from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Z takes the reader along on the emotional rollercoaster that was Zelda Fitzgerald’s life, from exhilarating highs to tragic lows, and provides a luscious portrait of the Jazz Age lifestyle. I put the book down both envious of Zelda’s vivacity and relieved that her story was not mine. A fascinating read.” —Leila from Brooklyn, New York

“A wonderful tale of love, devotion and loyalty in the face of triumph and failure. The artfully created dialogue captures the spirit and personality of Zelda and her great love, F. Scott, two very unique human beings who literally come to life as we read, growing closer and closer to each other, moment to moment, even as they grow apart. The reader will feel their eagerness, their free thinking joie de vivre, as well as their pain, sadness and disappointment, as though they were one with them, sharing their lives.”—Gail from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“This book ‘had me’ from the Prologue. Wonderfully researched and written in a splendid way to reveal a complex and fascinating woman.” —Clif from Scottsdale, Arizona

“Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald is an amazing portrait of an incredibly fascinating woman. Fowler really makes Zelda jump off of the pages! This book just about has it all. There’s incredible detail and a really vivid picture of one of America’s greatest literary couples and a great storyline behind it all.”—Megan from Gaithersburg, Maryland

“Mix yourself a gin rickey and prepare to be transported to another era with Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. Ms. Fowler vividly brings to life Zelda Fitzgerald: from Alabama debutante to American flapper, from her tumultuous relationship with Scott Fitzgerald to her heartbreaking struggles with mental illness…an engrossing and fascinating read!”—Maria from Hillside, New Jersey

“I just finished Z: a novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler and loved it! So much has been written about Scott, but very little about Zelda. It was wonderful to get to know her, and the story is so beautifully written.”—Jennyfer from Long Beach, CA

“The romantic and tumultuous lives of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald are vividly portrayed in this exceptional novel by Therese Fowler. This novel will draw you in from the start and never let go. Both irresistible and tragic, Fowler’s portrayal of Zelda gives us a new understanding of a woman, though on the edge of greatness in her own right, is never allowed to live up to her potential.”—Susan from Fairfield, Connecticut

“Z provides and intimate glimpse into the private life of American literary royalty.  It awakens your senses and brings the characters to life.  The essence of the Fitzgerald spirit is palpable.  This book transports the reader to a priceless golden age when creativity and art were in their purest forms.”—Ellison from Lighthouse Point, Florida