Zelda, circa 1917, dressed in formal wear–possibly for one of Montgomery’s charity balls.

young zelda











Scott, age 16-1/2. He was a student at Newman School, a college-prep boarding school in New Jersey, and already a prolific writer of short stories.

young scott


Zelda in the summer of 1920, at the beach near Westport, New York.

Zelda at the beach


Zelda at about twenty-two years of age, taken when the Fitzgeralds were new parents living in St. Paul, Minnesota.2


When Scott signed a contract with Hearst’s International magazine in 1923 that gave them a right-of-first-refusal option on all his short story output that year, the magazine wrote a feature on Scott and Zelda together. Zelda referred to this image as her “Elizabeth Arden face.”



The Fitzgeralds with their daughter, Scottie, circa 1924, shortly after their move from Great Neck, NY (on Long Island, where The Great Gatsby was conceived) to the French Riviera.


Scottie, at about 12 years of age, with Zelda in 1933, when the Fitzgeralds were living in Baltimore.

Zelda and Scottie